1. Lama Temple

Yonghe Lama Temple Yonghe Lama Temple
The Lama Temple is one of Beijing’s most famous temples (second only to The Temple of Heaven) and is high on the list of sites that of most visitors want to see. If you are in the right area, you cannot miss the Lama Temple. Anyone on a street nearby can smell the burning incense and hear the bustle of worship coming from inside.

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2. Temple of Heaven

Popularized in fiction and film, The Temple of Heaven more than lives up to its name. Emperors have visited the complex for over 600 years to pray to the Gods for good harvest and now sprawls of tourists come here every year to wander around the different halls and enjoy the extensive and varied park. The prayer hall for good harvest is situated in the centre of the park and is beautifully and intricately designed and decorated both inside and out. The hall is covered in blue tiles and is created in perfect symmetry, said to symbolize the Heavens.

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3. Tanzhe Temple

The oldest and largest temple in Beijing, the Tanzhe Temple is believed to be older than the city of Beijing itself. Located in the dramatic hills. surrounding the city this temple is definitely worth a visit if you are looking to escape the crowds for the day. The area around Tanzhe Temple is as stunning as the temple itself, filled with ancient “Zhe” trees and houses the famous Dragon Lake.

Entry: 35RMB

4. White Cloud Taoist Temple

One of the oldest and largest Taoist temples in all of China, the White Cloud Taoist Temple is situated in the Xicheng district of Beijing and is home to the Chinese Taoist association. The temple is a maze of shrines and courtyards that are tended to by around 30 true and devout resident monks. The White Cloud temple was originally constructed during the Tang dynasty but has been renovated multiple times.

Entry: 10RMB

5. The Temple of the Sun

The five-hundred-year-old Temple of the Sun is known as Ritan park to the locals and has been open to the public for fifty years. Half temple and half park, it offers the best of both worlds. The park was originally created as a sight of worship to the sun Gods and tourists can still visit the Holy Warehouse and Holy Kitchen which sit juxtaposed across the scenic Yuxin Garden.

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6. Jietai Temple

A semi-distant twenty five kilometers outside the center of the city, nestled tightly within the mist of the Ma’an Mountains to the West of the city lies the hidden gem of the Beijing temple scene, Jietai Temple. This temple is only 8km from Tanzhe temple and so tourists can make a nice day out of visiting both temples.

Entry: 35RMB

7. Fahai Temple

Although it is not in the center of the city, Fahai Temple is conveniently located by the Pingguoyuan Subway Station. Fahai Temple lures visitors with a combination of history and culture. Built in 1439 the temple offers numerous historical artifacts and statues still intact and well preserved.

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