Beijing Supermarkets

Now, supermarkets are very popular around the country. There are many big supermarkets in Beijing and some of them are chain stores. Your eyes will be dazzled by the great variety of goods in different brands and you can have more choice. Furthermore, they sell good-quality products which are much cheaper than other shopping centers in most cases. Commonly, food, commodities, clothes, books and electrical household appliances are all available and credit cards are welcome. These are some well received supermarkets in Beijing:

Wal-mart Supercenter
Chinese name: 沃尔玛购物广场(wò ér mǎ gòu wù guǎng chǎng)
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 22:00

Wal-mart Supercenter (Zhichunlu Branch)

Location: B1-2/F, A48, Zhichun Lu, Haidian District
Bus Route: 386, 626, 725, 735, 804, 851, 941, 944


Wal-mart Supercenter (Xuanwumen Branch)

Location: -1-1/F, Fuzhuo Garden Plaza, Xuanwai Dajie, Xuanwu District
Bus Route: 109, 102, 105, 603, 922, 724

Wal-mart Supercenter (Jianguolu Branch)

Location: -1/F, Wanda Plaza, No.93, Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District

Sam’s Club

Location: No.158, Fushi Lu, Shijingshan District


Chinese name: 麦德龙(mài dé long)
It is a German one known by great quantity and cheap prices. But it accepts VIP customers with membership card only.
Opening Hours: 6:00 – 22:00
Location: No.1, Xinjiangongmen Lu, Haidian District
No.35, Dayangfang Lu, Chaoyang Disitrct


Chinese name: 屈臣氏(qū chén shì)
Watsons is a chain shop for cosmetics and personal products. There are many branches of Watsons scattered around Beijing.


Watsons (Xidan Branch)
Location: 1/F, Xidan Friendship Store, No.109, Xidan Bei Dajie, Xicheng District

Watsons (Oriental Plaza Branch)
Location: CC17, Oriental New World, No.1, Dong Changan Avenue, Dongcheng District

Watsons (Wudaokou Branch)
Location: 1/F, Dongsheng Mansion, No.8, Zhongguancun Donglu, Haidian District

Watsons (Fenglian Branch)
Location: 1/F, Fenglian Plaza, No.18, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

Watsons (Xinshijie Branch)
Location: 1/F, New World Emporium, No.3-5, Chongwenmenwai Dajie, Chongwen District

Chinese name: 家乐福(jiā lè fú)
It is one of the largest brands in China. The branches are scattered around Beijing. Some of the branches offer Free Carrefour Shuttle Bus to convenient the customers.


Carrefour (Tongzhou Branch)

Opening Hours: 8:30 – 22:00
Location: No.48, Jiu Keshu East Road, Tongzhou District
Bus Route: 938, 312, 848 (get off at Jiukeshu Stop)

Carrefour (Zhongguancun Plaza Branch)
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 22:00
Location: Zhongguancun Plaza, Haidian District
Bus Route: 209, 255, 302, 307, 320, 365, 716, 717, 731, 732, 718, 801, 811, 808, 814

Carrefour (Shuangjing Branch)
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 22:00
Location: No.31, Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District
Bus Route: 23, 30, 35, 348, 710, 715, 721, 752, 754, 852, 988

Carrefour (Maliandao Branch)
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 22:30
Location: No.11, Mianliandao Street, Xuanwu District
Bus Route: 46, 609, 414

Carrefour (Fangzhuang Branch)
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 22:30
Location: No.15, Section 2, Fangchengyuan, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District
Bus Route: 37, 122, 741, 986, 754, 12, 25, 51, 800, 721, 434

Carrefour (Fuangyuan Branch)
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 22:30
Location: Fangyuan Building, A56, Zhongguancun South Road, Haidian District
Bus Route: 104, 106, 205, 111, 107, 105, 347

Carrefour (Chuangyijia Branch)
Opening Hours: 8:30 – 22:30
Location: B6, East 3rd North Ring Road, Chaoyang District
Bus Route: 18, 104, 300, 302, 367, 401, 404, 419, 718, 725, 730, 731, 830, 831, 801, 825, 847, 967 (get off at Jinganzhuang Stop, south of the entrance of International Exhibition Center)

Chinese name: 欧尚(ōu shàng)
Auchan is a world famous supermarket brand from France.
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 22:00


Auchan (Siji Branch)

Location: No.117, North 4th West Ring Road, Haidian District

Auchan (Kexing Branch)
Location: No.1, Linfeng Lu, Fengtai District